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The Grey Bird -1982 Gulfstream GIII

The “Grey Bird” as she’s been named, is a special mission Gulfstream III aircraft owned and operated by Phoenix Air Group Inc.  Due to it’s former life in the Danish Air Force, military styled paint scheme, and general association with government contract flights there has been much suspicion and rumors as to it’s use.  In August 2014, the Grey Bird made global headlines as it was contracted to evacuate two medical workers with Ebola Virus, and transport them back to isolated medical care in Georgia, USA. The aircraft was specially modified with a disposable containment pod for the twelve hour transport of the highly infectious passengers. The aircraft, arriving to the United States from Africa made a fuel stop in Maine before continuing on to Atlanta.  Additionally, the aircraft did not appear on US radar systems or tracking programs such as Flight Aware.  Adding to the shadowy mystique of the Grey Bird and it’s purpose hauling highly infectious cargo. 

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1982 Gulfstream G-1159A
313 N173PA

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FAA Incidents

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FAA 337

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    2012-11-06   05/29/2012   Wings, Fuselage  
    2009-08-01   05/14/2009   Honeywell FMSs  
    2006-18-08   10/11/2006   Nosewheel tires
    2006-16-18 R1   07/18/2008   Installing a warning placard on the TAWS/RMI
    2004-21-03   11/02/2004   Left and right aileron  
    2001-22-14   12/10/2001   Fire Extinguishing System Bottle Cartridges
    2001-18-05   09/24/2001   Flight Eagle Tires  
    2001-08-13   05/10/2001   Door Control Valves of the Landing Gear  
    2000-26-20   02/14/2001   Electrical System Failure  
    97-05-03 R1   04/20/1999   Global Positioning Systems  
    96-25-12   01/13/1997   Auxiliary Power Units  
    95-22-01   12/04/1995   Fluorescent Lighting System  
    94-19-06   10/06/1994   Crew Oxygen Masks  
    94-14-03   08/01/1994   Water Heaters and Coffee Makers  
    94-01-04   02/04/1994   Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System  
    93-23-01   12/07/1993   Water Heaters and Coffee Makers  
    93-10-04   07/01/1993   Engine Fire Extinguisher System  
    93-01-18   03/10/1993   Buttock Line Structural Degradation  
    91-25-05   12/18/1991   Electrical Feeder Cable  
    91-10-05   06/03/1991   Oxygen Mask Presentation Units  
    90-02-05   02/13/1990   Takeoff Warning System  
    81-24-02   11/23/1981   Hydraulic System Fluid Flow  
    80-05-02   02/27/1980   Safety Belt Assemblies  
    74-11-03   05/20/1974   Auxiliary Power Units  
    74-08-09 R3   03/28/2012   Equipment/furnishings
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Service Difficulties

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N History


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Ownership History

Registered Owner

Name N173PA LLC
  1000 N WEST ST FL 10
County NEW CASTLE Zip Code 19801-1050


New at Factory in Denmark. Imported to U.S. to N173PA LLC - Wilmington, DE.


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Import/Export History

Aircraft was Exported from Denmark and Imported to the United States in Jan, 2005.

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FAA Records

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