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Customer Testimonials


"We received an average of about 15 calls for both aircraft! Excellent! We have an offer letter on the GIIB… most likely will be accepted, so….Thank you!"

Sarah Kassab
KaiserAir Oakland Jet Center


"An invaluable resource for the Aviation Professional
Thanks for all of your wonderful help and friendship. I’ve been on board from almost the beginning …
PLANE FAX continues to be an industry leader in marketing services, research and design.
Your Crew is right on course…

Ken Dantzig , President
International Aircraft Sales Corporation


"First call of the day, even before I could pour my coffee, my aircraft sold. Thanks Plane Fax!"

Ben Rawert
American Aviation

"We have sold our 737 and it was a direct result of our ad campaign with Plane Fax."

Mark Graubart
Aircraft Sales Corporation

"Thanks for running the email out today on our Cessna 400. Based on that response, let’s do a blast on the 2001 Cessna 206."

Danny McPolin
OK3 Air


"Thank you for all the good leads and business we have achieved through Plane Fax and the Flyby e-blasts we run with you. The advertising investment we make with your company always pays off!"

Angela Moreno
Pacific Point Aviation


"We recently listed a Cessna 206H G1000 for sale on Plane Fax. I received good inquiry and had the airplane sold in less than 3 weeks thanks to a hit from a Plane Fax customer. Thank you Plane Fax!!"

Justin Greenway
Lafferty Aircraft Sales




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